This site is beta. We are moving things around and adding content that needs updating. But there is good info here.


Some of the tools we came up with to explore ways to manage resources. 

They are available as is, while we do all we can to make them as useful and accurate as we can, use them at your own risk.


Here are some of the projects we have worked with.
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We encourage input. If we got something wrong, not quite right or you want us to look into something else, use the comment section at the bottom of a page to let us know. There is no guarantee we have the resources to follow up, but we will do the best we can.

Our tools may help you manage resources. We give no guarantee, but we do use them ourselves. For example, we build the FFXIII EXP calculator by gathering information about the resources in the game and seeing how they interact.

You can send us ideas and feedback or ask a question using this gadget. Pick a topic and let us know!

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